Last updated: 07 Jul 2018

What Should You Really Be Afraid Of?

Fear is a driving emotion for many people. The fear-mongering is everywhere: Internet, TV, newspapers, magazines, schools, work, travel, etc.

And yet, if you look at the Big Picture, the things that they are trying to make people afraid of are relatively minor. How many people in the US have been killed by Islamic terrorists or illegal aliens? I'm not saying those issues are unimportant, especially to those affected by them. But are they really things we should be afraid of in our daily lives? For most of us, I would say no.

Compare those issues to truly serious ones like heart disease or even the flu, which kills 40,000 people per year, and you can start to see why. Yet many people accept the fear, and are somehow convinced that it's OK to do things like spend trillions of dollars on war and to kill more than a million people in Iraq. For what? How can anyone possibly feel more secure after taking actions like those?

The same is true for the war on drugs: the US now has the largest number of people in prison of any country on the planet. Does that really make you feel more secure? If you want to be scared about something, be scared about the descent into a police state.

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